Oh My!

Did I mention I love Burberry?

Well, I know I did, but I’ll say it again: I LOVE Burberry! Today I happened to discover that they have an entire ‘festive’ section of their website for the holiday season! Can you say love at first sight? (In this context only, I’m pretty sure it exists.)

I will link the page, but everything is so beautiful. Also, I’m obsessed with the song that plays. It’s really good, and I’m usually not a fan of Christmas music. I mean I don’t hate it, it’s just not always at the top of my list… (Pun… Get it?)

I guess this is just more that goes onto the ‘never going to happen’ Christmas list.

The Prorsum shoes and bags are so incredible!


Also, in case you’re curious, the song title is Badly Drawn Boy by Donna & Blitzen. It’s my new favorite Christmas song, I think.

Sorry for the short post, and lack of one yesterday. I’ll be working to keep it consistent. I promise.

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It’s sparkling oustide

But she waits indoors

Where the snow never comes

And the rain never pours

Where it’s peaceful and quiet

And slow and serene

Where the sounds of the riot

Don’t know where she’s been

(I feel a bit pretentious writing about a photoshoot I’m in, but I hope you like it.)

Photos: Naomi Box

Model/Makeup Artist: Jessie Box

Mask: World Market

Lipstick: Box lipstick by Illamasqua and Siren lipgloss by Hourglass

Dress: Emporio Bridal

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless Shoe Source

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Double Time…

I know that I missed my post yesterday, but this post will be a combination of yesterday’s and today’s… Hopefully that makes up for it a bit.

Anyways, today is Tradition (or is it Traditional) Tuesday. Being that it is the ‘Christmas Season’ the television companies have decided to bombard us with millions of Christmas or holiday-themed movies. It’s not all bad.

The reason that it’s not all bad is basically because they broadcast some amazing movies with incredible frequency. One of those movies is my family’s instant Christmas classic, Elf. It used to be, and still sometimes is, that we would watch A Christmas Story without fail during the holiday season. Now, it is always Elf. I have not, nor will I, forget the amazing movie with the frozen pole, the red rider bebe gun, and the classic words, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” However, I am just so in love with the movie Elf that I can’t give the title of Best Christmas Movie to anyone else.

You may disagree with me, and I know many do, but Elf never gets old. Will Ferrell’s child-like portrayal of the confused elf-man that is Buddy will live on in infamy. I will forever quote lines from this movie whether it is December or August, and I will always feel that Will Ferrell’s facial expressions are just priceless and unmatchable.

One other thing that I’d like to say about Elf, before you get too annoyed with my ranting and raving, is that it has, in my opinion, the best Christmas movie soundtrack ever! I jest not when I say it surprises me how much I like it. I mean, in all honesty, I’m not a huge Christmas music person. I mean, I like it, but only in very specific states, like when Bob Dylan is singing it. However, this soundtrack has no  Bob Dylan, but it has lots of other amazing people.

So, here are my favorites from the soundtrack.. And if you haven’t watched Elf, you should. In my opinion. Also, if you have watched it and you haven’t heard or payed attention to the soundtrack, you should watch it again and listen carefully. I haven’t really noticed it as much as I feel  I should have, until recently, but I’m glad I finally have taken notice. I mean, it’s worth noticing.

My only complaint is that this next song is on the soundtrack with someone other than Will Ferrel singing. Sad.

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It’s Snow Problem…

I had so much fun taking these pictures!!! This is what happens when I go in to put makeup on, realize I need to post since it’s Snowy Sunday, and go crazy. I find this look to be part snowflake, part warrior, part David Bowie, and part John Galliano (There was a show where Pat McGrath made the models look like deer… I don’t remember which it was, but it was amazing. Like all her work.)

Anywho, I’m just going to post these pictures now.

Necklace: Forever 21

Earrings, Cameo Pin, and Ring: Sorry, I’m not sure.

Dress: Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

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So plans get changed. Meaning: I was going to post about an awesome male fashion statement I saw in an unlikely place (yes, Disney channel… Who would have thought?). But sadly, even though I’ve already admitted to you that I sometimes watch the Disney Channel  (which is a bit embarrassing in itself), I could not find a picture.

Oh well.

However, I found something better while furiously Google Image searching for the picture I sought. I actually stumbled upon a very cool fashion photoshoot from a very cool blog I’d never heard of. Plus, since it’s Scrooge Saturday I don’t have to correlate this post back to Christmas at all! It would be a difficult task, trust me, being that said photoshoot involves cowboy hats (not something I usually like) and skulls. Don’t worry, I promise it’s not scary. Anyways, I’m going to put the link to the full photoshoot after I share my favorite photo with you.

(This shoot is apparently from Zoo Magazine which I’ve never heard of.)

Isn’t that cool? To me it seems like a mix between a viking, a cowboy, and a Burberry model. Brilliant!

Okay, as promised, here is the link: http://thefashionisto.com/charlie-france-by-dancian-for-zoo-magazine/

Oh, and, because I feel like I should be generous, here is a non-Christmas themed song of the day:

I felt like it went with the whole theme of the post. Sort of. Plus, it’s an undeniably catchy classic. I don’t even fancy country, but I love Johnny Cash.

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All I Want (But Will Never Be Able To Afford) For Christmas…

Oh Chanel! Beautiful, flawless, and oh so expensive!

Everyone has a weak point; something they would pretty much sell their own organs to attain. As far as material possessions go, in the designer stratosphere, my weakness is Chanel. It’s true, the iconic brand, first headed by Coco herself, and these days brought to life by the beyond-words-amazing Karl Lagerfeld is beyond compare.

That being said, how do I relate my love of Chanel to Christmas? Well, other than the fact that if it were possible to receive Chanel items, like jackets, and jewelry, and handbags, they would be the top of my list, Chanel had a surprisingly Christmas-y (to use the term a bit loosely) runway show for the fall/winter season of 2010/2011.

If you haven’t watched this show yet, I encourage you to. It’s great. From the makeup, to the clothes, to the giant glaciers they had flown in for the show (yes, that’s luxury at its finest), everything is perfect. Here’s a few excerpts in case you don’t want to watch the whole show.

(The red in the tweed qualifies as a Christmas color, and if you look at all the fur it’s kind of like polar bears… They’re synonymous with Christmas right?)

Hope you like the show… Oh, and I made it! It’s still Friday!

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Modern Vintage

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, the day I myself have been anticipating for a while now. This may be due to the fact that I’m a little bit stuck in the 50’s, to put it lightly. I try to dress up, even if I’m only going to the grocery store, I’m a bit obsessive compulsive about details, and I love, love, love red lipstick!

So this day is a treat for me. I get to put on my red lipstick and wear a Betty Draper-esque shirt with some skinny jeans and mary-jane heels. Hence, modern vintage, because we all know that jeans weren’t exactly the norm for women back then. Anyways, I hope you like these pictures. The laundry background is inspired by the housewife image of the 50’s.

Yes, I know my arm is cut off in this one. But I don’t care, I like it.

Glasses: Versace

Earrings, Clutch, & Top: Banana Republic

Jeans: American Rag at Macy’s

Shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

Now, I’m off to do some art. Hooray! Here’s your song:

I’m currently in a Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra phase. How about you?

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Candy Cane Girl

Do you remember The White Stripes?

I mourn the loss of them often, and nothing reminds me of their glorious music more than a candy cane!

If you didn’t know, White Stripes’ fans were referred to as Candy Cane Children.

They reference this in a few of their songs.

Anyways, being that it’s Whimsical Wednesday I thought that I would take some pictures as the ‘Candy Cane Child’ I am. Even if you don’t like The Whites Stripes, and you probably should, it would be fun to rock candy cane lips for Christmas. Hope you enjoy.

The Playlist:

Candy Cane Children – The White Stripes

Icky Thump – The White Stripes

Yep, just two today. Oh, and also, if you were wondering, the glasses are real.

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Care For A Spot Of Tea?

I am a coffee lover to my core. It’s the Italian in me. I’ve been drinking the stuff since I was seven. Even so, I make some exceptions for tea.

So today, I regale you with the tale of my favorite holiday brew. That just sounds weird.

Every year Celestial Seasonings brings back their holiday teas, and every year I can’t wait to yet again be drinking my lovely cup of Candy Cane Lane. My brother fixed a cup for me one year, and came into my room asking “Who wants a cup of Christmas Eve?” As silly as it may be, I can’t help but feel a little reminiscent every time I have a cup, and I also have to always do my best to replicate the mix of tea, soy milk (sounds weird, but trust me it works in this case somehow), and agave nectar.

That being said, it will be the first year that said brother won’t be coming home for Christmas. It makes me sad, but I’ll be wishing he was here every time I have a cup of ‘Christmas Eve.’ So, if he’s reading this, I hope he knows he will be sorely missed and I love him.

So go buy some tea!

But don’t neglect your good friend coffee.

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Bob Dylan Pt. I

I am labeling this post as pt. I because I know myself and I know for certain that this will not be the last time I talk about Bob Dylan. I sort of love him. That’s actually a major understatement. Bob Dylan is amazing to me. He’s my absolute favorite singer/songwriter and even if you hate his voice, you cannot deny he is a fantastic lyricist.

Anyways, before I ramble on about my love for Bob Dylan I have to make a confession. I’ve always loved his voice, and that may make many people doubt my ability to hear or perceive notes, but I don’t care. He has one of those immediately recognizable, and in my opinion, really amazing voices. It’s one of a kind, but even so, I’ll admit I had a hard time adjusting to what he sounds like now.

In his youth his voice was much less raspy and exaggerated, but with time Bob Dylan’s voice has changed even more than Justin Bieber’s will after he hits puberty. (Sorry, but if you’re a Bieber fan then this probably isn’t the blog for you anyways.) Anyways, I will admit that at first I was despondent that Bob Dylan’s youthful voice was gone, but now I have grown to love it.

Honestly, it’s great in the most unexpected way. Much raspier, much more raw. I can’t get enough.

That being said, let me introduce you if you’ve never met with it before. Even if you’re not a Bob Dylan fan, just take it as a bit comedic. I mean, I know I’ve had a few chuckles listening to my brother imitate Bob Dylan’s sound as he sings favorite Christmas songs in a way many have never heard before. Being that I’m not much of a fan of celebrity Christmas albums, it surprises even me that I own Bob Dylan’s, but for him I would make many musical exceptions.

This one is my personal favorite. Enjoy!

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