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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do some fun makeup like this… So I hope you like it.

All these pictures were inspired by the song ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. I heard it at work yesterday, and remembered how much I loved it. It inspired me to create this look.

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shorts: Banana Republic

Tights: Alloy

Shoes: Alice & Olivia for Payless Shoesource

Dinosaur: Grillgum Spikemonicus Noobisaur

Okay, well, here comes the playlist:

The Yellow List

1. Yellow – Coldplay

2. Yellow Sun – The Raconteurs

3. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

4. Old Yellow Bricks – Arctic Monkeys

5 1/4. Daylight – Matt & Kim

Yep, yep, yep. Have a great day everyone! Sorry this post wasn’t a wealth of information. I promise the next one will be more text based, or something. Anyways, good night and thanks for reading.

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Happy Zelda Day!

Hello people. Sorry this post is so late today, but I’ve spent my day reveling in the glory of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It came out today, if you didn’t know. I love it!

Anyways, I couldn’t help going out and buying the game in the special edition package which comes with a CD and a beautiful gold Wii motion plus controller. This is funny because I haven’t even finished Twilight Princess yet, but I digress.

So here is the photoshoot that I did in honor of today. I hope you like it. I have to tell you it was so fun taking these pictures. I know swords aren’t toys, but it was really fun acting like I knew what I was doing.

Shoes: Diane Von Furstenburg

Tights: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Shirt: Lifetime Collective

Jacket: Forever 21

Scarf: (QVC I think, my brother gave it to me.)

Well, here is your song of the day. It is a Zelda themed rap by some great youtubers you probably have all heard of: Smosh!


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Doll Face?

The irony about photographs is that you don’t always know what was happening to the person in them.

For example, if I didn’t tell you, you would never know that I was laughing at the fact that my photographer had just said the last picture was ‘gross.’ I really wasn’t offended, I honestly just found it funny, and this is the result. My point is, pictures are more about what you see in them than what is really going on. So, what do you see in my pictures? I’m curious, because what we see in something says a lot about who we are too. Anyways, sorry to get all philosophical on you, I just didn’t know what to post today so I thought I’d share that story and some thoughts.

Here are the picture details:

Earmuffs: Forever 21

Dress: Zara

Eyeliner: Make Up Forever #92 (The Famous Purple! It’s an eyeshadow, by the way.)

Lips: Combination of MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick (That’s a really annoying name, by the way.), Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in SatinFuschia, MAC True Babe lipglass, and MAC Reflects Very Pink Glitter

Okay, so I’ll leave you with the song that was stuck in my head this morning. I went through perhaps the craziest and longest phase thus far listening to this band’s two CD’s. Literally, I would listen to the CD’s on repeat throughout the day, and this went on for about a month. Hence, even though I’m out of the phase, sometimes I still get a random phrase of one of their songs in my head, and I have to listen to it. That was the case this morning.


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Are You Brit Enough?

I’m a bit of an anglophile, truth be told. I love the accent, probably like any other American girl, but it’s more than that. After all, we were once a part of their world, that is before we became the rebel country. Anyways, the British do things right. They dress well *ahem Burberry* and they make some incredible music. The point of me saying all of this is that I love the quintessential British trench-coat.

This brings us back to Burberry. Right now, with Christopher Bailey at the helm, the Burberry ship is sailing straight to the top of my favorite designers list. Oh my goodness, I just cannot get enough of their beautiful fashion. For men and women, you just can’t go wrong with Burberry (especially the Prorsum line).

So, without further ado, I will be showing you my photos of the Brit look. This trench-coat was on sale at the Burberry store, and since it is my favorite color I couldn’t really resist. (I was already planning on buying a coat there, anyway.) The point is, I love this coat, and the color combo in these pictures is one of my favorites. So here are a bunch of pictures:























I love that my hair is completely in my face in this one.

Hat: Vintage

Earrings and Black Bracelet: Old Navy

Dress and Tights: H&M

Trench: Burberry

Bangles: Forever 21

Shoes: Guess

Alright, so here it goes: My quintessential Brit playlist just to finish it all off.

Brit List

(I tried to keep this balanced between old and new, classic and obscure. Enjoy.)

The Cure – Pictures of You

(Robert Smith’s voice is so perfectly recognizable.)

You Me At Six – Jealous Minds Think Alike

Oasis – Wonderwall

(Too classic! I had to put it on here.)

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

(A great example of how British sayings don’t always make sense to Americans. This song is not dirty.)

The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

Last Shadow Puppets – Separate And Ever Deadly

(If you’re not convinced by the way Miles sings “I didn’t hear,” then you’ll know their British when you hear them sing “butter and crumbs.”)

The Who – Pinball Wizard

The Vaccines – All In White

The Smiths – This Charming Man

(How can you have a British playlist without Morissey? Another completely recognizable voice!)

Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Muse – Escape

(That’s all for now. If you want more Brit music lists, let me know.)



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Break The Rules…

I’m so excited to share these photos with you. Finally, someone else but me is in them! That person is my brother, and this is our photoshoot!

There’s no fashion rulebook.

We stand on tables in high heels.

We sit on bathroom counters.

We stare at ourselves far too long in mirrors.

We wear shoes without socks in winter.

And bright colors scream at the mundane weather

That we don’t care


In the Kingdom of Fashion…

We all sweet-talk our way out of tickets.

(Hope you enjoyed.)

Photo Credits: Jessie Box and Naomi Box

Models: Jessie Box and Silas Box

On Silas:

Sweater: H&M

Belt: Cavalli

Pants: Dockers

Shoes: Vintage

Bag: Givenchy Nightingale

(I now own this bag, hooray! Also, the song of the day will be inspired by this bag’s name.)

On Jessie:

Hat: H&M

Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam II and Chanel Glossimer 297

Top: Forever 21

Belt: Banana Republic

Jeans: Guess

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Instant Red

Bag: Celine ‘Horizontal Gussas Cabas’

(I hope that is the correct name of this bag, I had to google it.)

Here’s the song:

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Keep On Your Mean Side…

Yes indeed, it is the second day in a row that I’m talking about The Kills. I love them, okay? In all seriousness, though, I have a valid explanation too. After writing my post about The Kills yesterday I realized I own ‘Midnight Boom’ and ‘Blood Pressures,’ but I had never listened to their album, ‘Keep On Your Mean Side’ all the way through. (Yes, I know I’m leaving out ‘No Wow.’ One album at a time…)

So, in light of the fact that I felt like a bit of a hypocrite, I will be listening to the whole album and posting my thoughts today. Also, I already did a photoshoot inspired by the idea of ‘Keep On Your Mean Side.’

My first thoughts are, “Why did I not listen to this sooner?” Seriously, what was I thinking? I’m buying this album the first chance I get. It is so good! I always thought it couldn’t possibly be as good as ‘Midnight Boom,’ but they’re both so good in their own ways. I’d say ‘Keep On Your Mean Side’ is a bit tougher in its sound, as its name would suggest. Granted, there is a gem of a slow song (‘Gypsy Death And You’ (By the way, that is such a great title, and it has one of my all time favorite things in it: a laugh. I love it when musicians laugh somewhere in their song or on their album, it’s so great!)), which to me is the ‘Goodnight Bad Morning,’ if you will, of this album (Or I suppose the ‘Pots And Pans’ if you’re looking for an equivalent on ‘Blood Pressures’). However, the rest of the album has an old school industrial feel to it. I don’t know how else to describe it. ‘Midnight Boom’ is a much more up-tempo, almost dance-y album, if you will. It just makes you want to move. ‘Keep On Your Mean Side’ may have the same effect, but in a bit of a slower way.

One of my favorite tracks isn’t even a song at all. The track ‘Hand’ is just Alison, at least I think it’s Alison, talking about the weather man and how he has to go in early to get makeup put on his hand. It’s so obscure, but so genius. Seriously, go listen to it.

Two other things I really loved and noticed about this album were the predominant role Jamie played, which I loved because I’m a huge Jamie fan, and the bluesy undertone. All the songs feel like they have something deeper under them to me. Alison sings differently than I’ve heard her. If you listen to the first track, ‘Superstition,’ you might hear what I mean. The bluesy undertone I’m talking about is also really clear in ‘Wait.’ Plus, you can hear Jamie so clearly in a lot of these songs.(‘Kissy Kissy’ is the best example, to me, of how the two things I mentioned work together.) Granted, he doesn’t sing a song by himself like he does on ‘Blood Pressures’ (‘Wild Charms’ is the song, in case you were wondering.), but instead of being that beautiful bass undertone, he’s closer to the forefront. However, he’s still in the background sometimes, but he’s really good at both things, so it shouldn’t be anything too surprising.

As always, this album contains a few things I have come to love and expect from The Kills: heavy beats, strange noises and sound effects (which I love anyways, and if you do too, you should definitely listen to ‘Superstition’), and overall amazing, though sometimes seemingly random, lyrics.

So enough of my rambling, right? I’m sure you all didn’t need my help to know that The Kills rock. Anyways, I hope the review was at least remotely entertaining. Here are the pictures I took. They were inspired by the punk feeling that comes over me from just hearing the title, ‘Keep On Your Mean Side.’ It makes me think of a really dysfunctional, crazy relationship. That’s kind of the core of punk music to me. I wouldn’t necessarily say The Kills are punk, but what do labels matter? That’s the explanation, I hope you like them.

I didn’t want these to be quintessentially ‘pretty.’ To me, that’s not what ‘Keep On Your Mean Side’ is about. It’s about the ugly side of things, “show your sharp-tipped teeth,” right? (Yes, that’s not from this album, but it’s still fitting.)

Okay, I can’t help but enjoy how ugly this next one is. I hope you like it in the same strange way I do.

(That’s one gnarly face.:))

Jacket & Cupcake Necklace (By the way, it did not taste good.): Forever 21

Shirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Ring: Lucky Jewelry

(Sorry, I honestly don’t remember what gold necklace I was wearing.)

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Things That Rhyme With Orange…

Hey everybody! Today has been pretty busy, and I’m just about to go out so I wanted to leave you with a quick post before I do. This is a photoshoot I did a while ago, so I hope you enjoy it. There are a few pictures, and the theme song to the shoot.

Belt: United Colors Of Benetton

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Macy’s

Okay, well here’s the song:

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Gloomy Morning

This morning I crawled out of bed, grabbed my coffee, as any addict would, and looked out the window to see that it was a perfect day. No, not perfect in the conventional sense, but in my world a perfect day consists of plenty of grey sky and the possibility, if not the certainty, of rain. That is what I saw, and I couldn’t have been happier. So, I threw on my unnecessary sunglasses, because I didn’t have anything on my face, combed my unkempt hair, and got ready to ¬†take a picture. I hope you enjoy.

Coat: Mad Men For Banana Republic

Jeans & Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: DVF

Coffee: Delicious

Song In Background: ‘By Your Hand’ by Los Campesinos! (I told you my phases last a long time!)

As for a NaNoWriMo update, even though I honestly don’t know if it’s important, or if the two readers I probably have care, I’m a bit ahead but I have a lot of work to do today to get my word count in. Then I’m going to watch my favorite show of all time on TV tonight, and hopefully play some Twilight Princess. Yes, I’m addicted to that as well.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a nice rainy day themed playlist. I hope you like it.

Gloomy Morning

Grey Weather – Gregory & The Hawk

Raining In My Heart – Buddy Holly

Umbrella (Cover) – All Time Low

(I decided today I really want to hear a semi-screamo cover of this song, so this is the closest thing I found. It’s more punk, though, so if you know of a more scream-y version, please enlighten me.)

Cold Summer – Seabear

Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Cover) – The Ramones

Goodnight Bad Morning – The Kills

The Rain Will Come – Rocky Votolato

Prayers For Rain – The Cure

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