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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do some fun makeup like this… So I hope you like it.

All these pictures were inspired by the song ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. I heard it at work yesterday, and remembered how much I loved it. It inspired me to create this look.

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shorts: Banana Republic

Tights: Alloy

Shoes: Alice & Olivia for Payless Shoesource

Dinosaur: Grillgum Spikemonicus Noobisaur

Okay, well, here comes the playlist:

The Yellow List

1. Yellow – Coldplay

2. Yellow Sun – The Raconteurs

3. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

4. Old Yellow Bricks – Arctic Monkeys

5 1/4. Daylight – Matt & Kim

Yep, yep, yep. Have a great day everyone! Sorry this post wasn’t a wealth of information. I promise the next one will be more text based, or something. Anyways, good night and thanks for reading.

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Wall Of Couples, Part Two

Hello, hello, hello! (Saying it three times makes up for the fact that you haven’t posted for days… Wait no it doesn’t. Sorry.)

I hope that everyone who reads this, or those of you who hopefully stumble upon it and click the follow button, had a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). I personally took part in the festivities by eating too much food (Oh it’s the American in me!), and waking up far too early for the only thing I will wake up far too early for: shopping. Anyways, I made some great purchases, and I hope if you braved the storm of Black Friday you did too.

I digress… So, I thought today I would give you the next installment of the Wall of Couples. I finished it this morning, and I am quite pleased. Plus, to be honest, I don’t really feel like taking pictures of myself or putting pictures of myself on this blog today. It gets tiring, but maybe that’s because I’m not a real model.

Again, I digress… Here is the picture that I copied.

Yep, yep, yep. I love them. Brilliant director and brilliant actress; if that isn’t a Wall of Couples worthy couple, then I don’t know what is. Now, here is my version:

Well, looking at it now, I see things I could change. However, overall, I am happy with the end result. Especially her hair, that was my favorite.

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I will be working to stay more consistent. Also, I’m thinking about doing some kind of theme for the month of December… Thoughts? If you have suggestions, please leave me a comment. Honestly, comments are appreciated even if you have no idea. I love knowing that people are reading.

Have a fantastic day all, and if you have the time listen to these lovely songs from Tim Burton’s movies. I am a sucker for a good Tim Burton flick…

The Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Playlist

Worst Pies In London from Sweeney Todd

This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tears To Shed from Corpse Bride

Painting Flowers by All Time Low from the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack

(By the way, what’s with All Time Low showing up in all these unexpected places? I like them, somehow, but they always surprise me.)

Okay. There you go.

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It’s Cold In The Arctic

The mark of a truly great song is when it can make you feel something you have yet to experience.

This is the song that will be on repeat for me today.

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Happy Zelda Day!

Hello people. Sorry this post is so late today, but I’ve spent my day reveling in the glory of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It came out today, if you didn’t know. I love it!

Anyways, I couldn’t help going out and buying the game in the special edition package which comes with a CD and a beautiful gold Wii motion plus controller. This is funny because I haven’t even finished Twilight Princess yet, but I digress.

So here is the photoshoot that I did in honor of today. I hope you like it. I have to tell you it was so fun taking these pictures. I know swords aren’t toys, but it was really fun acting like I knew what I was doing.

Shoes: Diane Von Furstenburg

Tights: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Shirt: Lifetime Collective

Jacket: Forever 21

Scarf: (QVC I think, my brother gave it to me.)

Well, here is your song of the day. It is a Zelda themed rap by some great youtubers you probably have all heard of: Smosh!


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Are You Hungry?

Yes, I am doing it. I’m giving into the societal pressures, and also my own obsession, and capitalizing on the popularity of The Hunger Games.

I own all three of the books, and yes, I read them all in less than a week. They were addicting, and I was happy to finally be on a bandwagon that didn’t make me want to throw up. For example, I have never, nor will I ever (with the exception of a certain youtube series by Alex Day, aka Nerimon), read the Twilight series. The Hunger Games, though, well they’re a different story.

So here is the trailer if for some reason you have yet to see it, or if you just feel like watching it for the umpteenth time (goodness knows I will):

Hopefully that embedded alright.

Anyways, if you’re curious, I’ll share my thoughts. If not, you can just skip to the end of the post.

Okay, first off. Let me list the things I love about this trailer. There are many!

1. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

(I wasn’t convinced at first, but seeing her screaming as Prim was being taken convinced me she can pull of Katniss’ super emotional role. I don’t believe her as Mystique in X-Men, but I believe she can be Katniss.)

2. Cinna

(Oh my goodness! Cinna has got to be one of my favorite characters in the series, and seeing the gold eyeliner of Cinna in it’s full glory on Lenny Kravitz is seriously so great! Words cannot express!)

3. Stanley Tucci as Cesar Flickerman

(The blue wig is not how I thought it would be, but I feel he will be the perfect Cesar, and I love it!)

4. Effie Trinket

(I love the bright red eyeshadow, pale complexion, outfit, and un-obviously pink wig. It was perfect!)

5. Haymitch’s ridiculous hair

(He looks kind of crazy, but I suppose he should. It’s great, just great.)

5 1/4. Seneca Crane’s Beard!!

(Oh my goodness! Where in the book did Seneca Crane have the coolest beard ever?!?! Please, if there is a quote about that, enlighten me. Even if it wasn’t in the book, it may have been my favorite minor detail in this trailer! Amazing! He must be a really skilled shaver.)

Okay, I’m sure there is a lot more to love about this trailer, but those are my top things. I didn’t mention the men yet, because I know it’s very controversial. Personally, I’m really hoping Liam somehow pulls off the role as Gale, because right now I’m not buying it. I know Gale is supposed to be attractive, but he’s also a man’s man and Liam looks like too much of a pretty boy to me. I don’t know, let’s hope he can somehow toughen it up in the movie.

As far as Peeta goes, I am really excited that Josh Hutcherson got the role. I would not have expected him to be cast at all, but I actually think he’s going to do a splendid job. He kind of fits the Peeta look, too, even though I’m used to seeing him as a brunette.

There you go, my two cents. I don’t know if you wanted to read that or not, but I hope it was somewhat entertaining. Now, before I fall too much off the path, here comes some kind of song or playlist that I have to correlate with this post. Wish me luck.

Ooh I got it! Since this is The Hunger Games,  the song I will leave you with will correlate to the ‘hunger’ theme. This song is called   “The Hungry Ghost” and it is by the amazing, the spectacular, The Cure! The lyrics actually fit in a strange way, because it’s about how we’re never satisfied in life: we always want more. I think that fits the mindset of the capitol very well in The Hunger Games. Well, anyways, it’s a great song even if there is no correlation. Have a great day everyone!

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Doll Face?

The irony about photographs is that you don’t always know what was happening to the person in them.

For example, if I didn’t tell you, you would never know that I was laughing at the fact that my photographer had just said the last picture was ‘gross.’ I really wasn’t offended, I honestly just found it funny, and this is the result. My point is, pictures are more about what you see in them than what is really going on. So, what do you see in my pictures? I’m curious, because what we see in something says a lot about who we are too. Anyways, sorry to get all philosophical on you, I just didn’t know what to post today so I thought I’d share that story and some thoughts.

Here are the picture details:

Earmuffs: Forever 21

Dress: Zara

Eyeliner: Make Up Forever #92 (The Famous Purple! It’s an eyeshadow, by the way.)

Lips: Combination of MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick (That’s a really annoying name, by the way.), Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in SatinFuschia, MAC True Babe lipglass, and MAC Reflects Very Pink Glitter

Okay, so I’ll leave you with the song that was stuck in my head this morning. I went through perhaps the craziest and longest phase thus far listening to this band’s two CD’s. Literally, I would listen to the CD’s on repeat throughout the day, and this went on for about a month. Hence, even though I’m out of the phase, sometimes I still get a random phrase of one of their songs in my head, and I have to listen to it. That was the case this morning.


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Hello Sadness!

Today is the day! Hooray! Yes, today is the day I talked about in my last post on the British band Los Campesinos!; the day that their album Hello Sadness finally comes out! Now, I love Los Campesinos! cover art. I think they are always very interesting. Here, let me show you (kudos if you know what that’s from):

Anyways, I love these covers. I wanted to talk about this because, well, I thought it would be fun to imitate the style of art myself and design my own cover for Hello Sadness. I know this is kind of pointless because the album cover is already chosen and everything, but I had a lot of fun drawing this. Plus, it’s interesting to challenge yourself to draw in a different way. So here is my version:

(I took some cues from “By Your Hand” if you couldn’t tell.)

Alright, well I’m going to give you a short list of my must listen to Los Campesinos! songs before going to listen to the new album in all of its glory. Then, last but not least, I will post the actual cover picture. Have a splendarific day (and I don’t mean the fake sugar sweetener)!

The Must Listen Los Campesinos! List

1. My Year In Lists

(Seems an appropriate starter, doesn’t it?)

2. Death To Los Campesinos!

3. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

4. I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know

5. This Is How You Spell “HAHAHA, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics”

(Is that not the best title ever?)

1/4. Blame It On The Trains – Art Brut

(I know this isn’t a Los Campesinos! song but I felt so guilty for leaving this band out of my post yesterday, and I think you’ll notice a similarity to Los Campesinos! in it, anyways.)

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Are You Brit Enough?

I’m a bit of an anglophile, truth be told. I love the accent, probably like any other American girl, but it’s more than that. After all, we were once a part of their world, that is before we became the rebel country. Anyways, the British do things right. They dress well *ahem Burberry* and they make some incredible music. The point of me saying all of this is that I love the quintessential British trench-coat.

This brings us back to Burberry. Right now, with Christopher Bailey at the helm, the Burberry ship is sailing straight to the top of my favorite designers list. Oh my goodness, I just cannot get enough of their beautiful fashion. For men and women, you just can’t go wrong with Burberry (especially the Prorsum line).

So, without further ado, I will be showing you my photos of the Brit look. This trench-coat was on sale at the Burberry store, and since it is my favorite color I couldn’t really resist. (I was already planning on buying a coat there, anyway.) The point is, I love this coat, and the color combo in these pictures is one of my favorites. So here are a bunch of pictures:























I love that my hair is completely in my face in this one.

Hat: Vintage

Earrings and Black Bracelet: Old Navy

Dress and Tights: H&M

Trench: Burberry

Bangles: Forever 21

Shoes: Guess

Alright, so here it goes: My quintessential Brit playlist just to finish it all off.

Brit List

(I tried to keep this balanced between old and new, classic and obscure. Enjoy.)

The Cure – Pictures of You

(Robert Smith’s voice is so perfectly recognizable.)

You Me At Six – Jealous Minds Think Alike

Oasis – Wonderwall

(Too classic! I had to put it on here.)

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

(A great example of how British sayings don’t always make sense to Americans. This song is not dirty.)

The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

Last Shadow Puppets – Separate And Ever Deadly

(If you’re not convinced by the way Miles sings “I didn’t hear,” then you’ll know their British when you hear them sing “butter and crumbs.”)

The Who – Pinball Wizard

The Vaccines – All In White

The Smiths – This Charming Man

(How can you have a British playlist without Morissey? Another completely recognizable voice!)

Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Muse – Escape

(That’s all for now. If you want more Brit music lists, let me know.)



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Hello, lovely people. I am having a relaxed day today, so this will not be a wordy post or one that contains a whole lot of content. However, I was just surfing youtube when I came upon a music video. Now, let me preface this by saying that I do not normally listen to popular music or the musicians that are usually on the radio. I do make a few exceptions, but mostly I steer clear of it.

That being said, the music video I’m about to show you is an exception. I don’t hate the song, and I actually find the artist tolerable on most occasions. However, I still don’t listen to her music, and that is mostly because I prefer male musicians anyways. This video, though, is literally perfect. Remember how I said I’m a sucker for good couples? Well, this couple in the video has earned their way onto my wall of couples. Yes, that is how much I like this video. Crazy right?

I’ll let you judge for yourself, but honestly I’m blown away. The artist/muse thing just really gets to me. Plus the car is cool, the outfits are great, and I love a Johnny Cash/June Carter reference. (They’re going to be on my wall of couples, too!) Also, listen for Johnny Cash’s rendition of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ at the end. It’s so cool. He makes everything sound so beautifully ominous with his deep, smoky voice. Okay, enough.

Time to face the music. Yes, the song is by Katy Perry. Oh my! (In my opinion, she’s come a long ways from where she started… If you remember where that was then you know what I mean.) Judge me if you will, but I still like this video. A lot.

(Also, I apologize if this refuses to embed itself into the post. I know that happened with the I Set My Friends On Fire song I posted a while ago. I think it’s a copyright deal, so if it doesn’t work you can just follow the link to youtube.)

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Break The Rules…

I’m so excited to share these photos with you. Finally, someone else but me is in them! That person is my brother, and this is our photoshoot!

There’s no fashion rulebook.

We stand on tables in high heels.

We sit on bathroom counters.

We stare at ourselves far too long in mirrors.

We wear shoes without socks in winter.

And bright colors scream at the mundane weather

That we don’t care


In the Kingdom of Fashion…

We all sweet-talk our way out of tickets.

(Hope you enjoyed.)

Photo Credits: Jessie Box and Naomi Box

Models: Jessie Box and Silas Box

On Silas:

Sweater: H&M

Belt: Cavalli

Pants: Dockers

Shoes: Vintage

Bag: Givenchy Nightingale

(I now own this bag, hooray! Also, the song of the day will be inspired by this bag’s name.)

On Jessie:

Hat: H&M

Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam II and Chanel Glossimer 297

Top: Forever 21

Belt: Banana Republic

Jeans: Guess

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Instant Red

Bag: Celine ‘Horizontal Gussas Cabas’

(I hope that is the correct name of this bag, I had to google it.)

Here’s the song:

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