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Starting Things Off With A (Big) Bang!

I blame it on my uber fashionable big brother : I have an obsession with men’s clothing. Well dressed men have to be one of my favorite things in the world. That being said, I noticed right away that each character on my favorite television show of all time, The Big Bang Theory, had their own signature style. I love that Mary T. Quigley took the time to give everyone their own style voice.

So, it is no surprise that I’m obsessed with Howard Wolowitz’s quirky personal fashion. He combines a lot of things I am not normally fond of: turtlenecks, way too tight men’s pants, and skate shoes. Somehow, though, when Wolowitz’s brings the aforementioned items together with amazing belt buckles, great color schemes, his signature bowl cut, and, of course, that ‘creepy candy coating’ charm, I’m hooked.

Here are a few of my favorite Wolowitz’s looks. I hope you enjoy:

I love the boots in this one! Plus, who else would pair that blazer with those almost neon blue skinny pants?

“I can’t believe you bought a red cowboy hat!” – Leonard

“Hello, I’m wearing a red turtleneck!” – Howard

Seriously, is that sweater velvet, because I honestly cannot think of another soul that could pull that off?!

I couldn’t do this post without showing a little Gothowitz! Those pants are sick!

In honor of ‘The Wolowitz,’ which is now apparently the name for this style, I threw together a look.

However, I tried to use all designer items to challenge myself.

(Maybe this is if Bernadette bought Howard’s clothes, after all she wants her baby to ‘have pretty things.’)

Also, I did tone down the color. Honestly, I think this Wolowitz is more ‘any man’ friendly, but if you can pull of the real deal: go for it! Also, I would not be doing Wolowitz any justice if I didn’t put this out there: carries the most amazing Star Wars belt buckles. (

Last, but not least, this would not be a truly ‘me’ post if i didn’t leave you with a playlist. So here it goes:

The Wolowitz

‘She Blinded Me With Science’ – Thomas Dolby

‘Mama’s Boy’ – The Ramones

‘My Girl’ – The Temptations

‘Girls’ – The Beastie Boys

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