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Bob Dylan Pt. I

I am labeling this post as pt. I because I know myself and I know for certain that this will not be the last time I talk about Bob Dylan. I sort of love him. That’s actually a major understatement. Bob Dylan is amazing to me. He’s my absolute favorite singer/songwriter and even if you hate his voice, you cannot deny he is a fantastic lyricist.

Anyways, before I ramble on about my love for Bob Dylan I have to make a confession. I’ve always loved his voice, and that may make many people doubt my ability to hear or perceive notes, but I don’t care. He has one of those immediately recognizable, and in my opinion, really amazing voices. It’s one of a kind, but even so, I’ll admit I had a hard time adjusting to what he sounds like now.

In his youth his voice was much less raspy and exaggerated, but with time Bob Dylan’s voice has changed even more than Justin Bieber’s will after he hits puberty. (Sorry, but if you’re a Bieber fan then this probably isn’t the blog for you anyways.) Anyways, I will admit that at first I was despondent that Bob Dylan’s youthful voice was gone, but now I have grown to love it.

Honestly, it’s great in the most unexpected way. Much raspier, much more raw. I can’t get enough.

That being said, let me introduce you if you’ve never met with it before. Even if you’re not a Bob Dylan fan, just take it as a bit comedic. I mean, I know I’ve had a few chuckles listening to my brother imitate Bob Dylan’s sound as he sings favorite Christmas songs in a way many have never heard before. Being that I’m not much of a fan of celebrity Christmas albums, it surprises even me that I own Bob Dylan’s, but for him I would make many musical exceptions.

This one is my personal favorite. Enjoy!

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Gloomy Morning

This morning I crawled out of bed, grabbed my coffee, as any addict would, and looked out the window to see that it was a perfect day. No, not perfect in the conventional sense, but in my world a perfect day consists of plenty of grey sky and the possibility, if not the certainty, of rain. That is what I saw, and I couldn’t have been happier. So, I threw on my unnecessary sunglasses, because I didn’t have anything on my face, combed my unkempt hair, and got ready to ┬átake a picture. I hope you enjoy.

Coat: Mad Men For Banana Republic

Jeans & Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: DVF

Coffee: Delicious

Song In Background: ‘By Your Hand’ by Los Campesinos! (I told you my phases last a long time!)

As for a NaNoWriMo update, even though I honestly don’t know if it’s important, or if the two readers I probably have care, I’m a bit ahead but I have a lot of work to do today to get my word count in. Then I’m going to watch my favorite show of all time on TV tonight, and hopefully play some Twilight Princess. Yes, I’m addicted to that as well.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a nice rainy day themed playlist. I hope you like it.

Gloomy Morning

Grey Weather – Gregory & The Hawk

Raining In My Heart – Buddy Holly

Umbrella (Cover) – All Time Low

(I decided today I really want to hear a semi-screamo cover of this song, so this is the closest thing I found. It’s more punk, though, so if you know of a more scream-y version, please enlighten me.)

Cold Summer – Seabear

Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Cover) – The Ramones

Goodnight Bad Morning – The Kills

The Rain Will Come – Rocky Votolato

Prayers For Rain – The Cure

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