Recipe For Success

If blogs are food then this one is a Chinese takeout box. Before you open it up there’s the lovely artwork on the outside. Then, when you do open it up you find a delicious mix of noodles, chicken, some lovely sauce, and vegetables. To finish off your meal you open your fortune cookie and see what’s inside. I didn’t quite think this metaphor through, so what each element of the meal is supposed to represent is not quite clear. The point is there is a good mix, and hopefully something for everyone. Unless of course you don’t like Chinese food, in which case this blog, it’s name, and the metaphor behind its title may all be upsetting to you. If that is the case, my sincerest apologies are given. If, however, you love Chinese food, I hope you enjoy this blog just as much. Live long and prosper. (That’s what your fortune cookie says, FYI.)


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