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Care For A Spot Of Tea?

I am a coffee lover to my core. It’s the Italian in me. I’ve been drinking the stuff since I was seven. Even so, I make some exceptions for tea.

So today, I regale you with the tale of my favorite holiday brew. That just sounds weird.

Every year Celestial Seasonings brings back their holiday teas, and every year I can’t wait to yet again be drinking my lovely cup of Candy Cane Lane. My brother fixed a cup for me one year, and came into my room asking “Who wants a cup of Christmas Eve?” As silly as it may be, I can’t help but feel a little reminiscent every time I have a cup, and I also have to always do my best to replicate the mix of tea, soy milk (sounds weird, but trust me it works in this case somehow), and agave nectar.

That being said, it will be the first year that said brother won’t be coming home for Christmas. It makes me sad, but I’ll be wishing he was here every time I have a cup of ‘Christmas Eve.’ So, if he’s reading this, I hope he knows he will be sorely missed and I love him.

So go buy some tea!

But don’t neglect your good friend coffee.

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