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Hi there!

(That’s actually my brother’s shirt. I stole it from him. Just kidding, he gave it to me.)

I wanted this look to be sort of like some down-to-earth fairy, which, I know, sounds like an oxymoron but it worked out okay.

Today’s post is a quick one, but I hope you like the picture and I hope you enjoy the song I’ve chosen.

Today’s song is new to me, I stumbled upon it today, in fact. It’s Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. The song is called ‘Snow,’ and I love the old school feel to it. I’ve been really into the any time period before the 70’s lately. Anyways, I quite like the song, and I apologize in advance that the youtube video I found of it is someone’s personal slideshow. That’s kind of funny, though. I mean, the views on their video might suddenly go up and they’ll have no idea why. Unless they find this post. If they do, then they should know that they picked a great song.

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