I know I’ve been a slacker lately, so I’m hoping this post makes up for it a little bit. Lately I’ve been working on a project. “Another one?” you say. Yes, another one on top of this blog and NaNoWriMo. I’m working on a personal art project. I’ve had the idea for a long time, but I’ve finally been putting it into motion.

My idea was to make a wall, which, considering my room doesn’t have an empty wall, will be a considerable challenge, covered with art centered around my favorite couples (real and fictional). Yes, I’m a sucker for couples that look cool. Anyways, I’m taking each couple one by one, replicating pictures of them with my own twists, and planning on putting them all in a huge wall collage when I’m done. I started listing them, and I have split them into real and fictional. I’ve started on the real ones. Which brings me to today’s main feature: The Kills!

If you don’t know already, that is a picture of The Kills. “Who are The Kills?” you ask. Well, if you’re asking that question you have missed out on an amazing musical duo. Technically, The Kills aren’t actually together, since Jamie Hince is married to Kate Moss, and Alison Mosshart is a free bird as far as I know. However, they are a sort of couple, since together they make beautiful music and take amazing pictures. I’m going to be putting a few of my favorite pictures of them in this post, and also, I will let you know which one I copied before I post the picture that I painted.









Is it any wonder that these pictures are some of my favorites? I mean, pictures with coffee… And cigarettes. (Isn’t that a song? Yes it is, but it’s not by The Kills. Bonus points if you know who sings it!)

Anyways, The Kills make amazing music, and their style is always awesome. Look at that scarf Jamie is wearing! It’s awesome! Plus, Alison is always effortlessly cool. Her hair is a perpetual mess, and she wears it amazingly well.

Alright, here is the picture I replicated: (My painting will be the one on the right.)

   So, what do you think? Pretty close, right? I did mine in black and white, because I’m planning on making all the wall of couples photos (the real couples, at least) in black and white with just one bit of color. Obviously, in this one I turned the light in Jamie’s hair into a purple streak. I really like the way it turned out, and I hope you do too.

Alright, now for the music. Firstly, I’m going to post a music video which visibly displays why Jamie and Alison are so perfect for the wall of couples. It’s one of my favorites, but they have a lot of good music videos. It’s for their song, ‘Last Day of Magic.’ This song is from their album, ‘Midnight Boom,’ which, in my opinion, is a must own type of album.

So, I decided to do something a bit different. I’m going to post some of my favorite Kills’ lyrics and tell you what songs they’re from. Then, you can choose to listen if you want. Enjoy!

Kills-Tastic Lyrics

“Tattoo it in the clouds above you.” – ‘Hook and Line’

“Just like a nice, new home needs a mean, stray dog.”

“Don’t forget my cigarettes and get something that we can drink.”

– Both those lines are from ‘Alphabet Pony’ (I couldn’t pick just one).

“Baby says there’s death in these silver curls.” – ‘Baby Says’

“Elevator straight into my skull.” – ‘Black Balloon’

“I’m sick of social graces, Show your sharp-tipped teeth.” – ‘Cheap and Cheerful’

“Shout when you wanna get off the ride.” – ‘Sour Cherry’

Honestly, it’s really hard to pick favorite lines. ‘Getting Down’ and ‘URA Fever’ are amazing all the way through, as are most of The Kills songs. Hope you love them as much  as I do!

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